Stuff You Need: Gloves

This is part of a category of Performer Support. When beginning and developing your career as an actor/combatant there’s a few items and bits of information that can help you get on you way. So, without further ado, here’s some information on gloves.

At first, all you need is something to help you grip the sword, offer some minimal additional protection and help keep your skin from coming in contact with the sword (the oils from your skin will tarnish the metals on the sword). In a workshop situation where you’re sharing weapons with a dozen other people, it’s a little bit more sanitary (I’ve gotten warts from communal weapons before). Something relatively cheap and simple will do. Look for a glove with some leather in the palm and on the finger pads. Horseback riding, golf and baseball gloves are an excellent easy-to-find option. Also, any gardening supply or DIY hardware store will have great options. Look for a snug fit that offers some tactile sensation. Often people will grab gloves that are very thick, but this can mess with your sentiment-du-fer.

If you are sure you are committing to a longer course of study or know that you have a show coming up where you will need more period look, I suggest Sullivan Glove Company A little bit pricier, but they’re an excellent thickness and last a long time. Comes in a variety of colour! Black, Chocolate, Gold and Saddletan.


Tomorrow: a video to watch for an example of some longsword

UPDATE May 31, 2014:

1 – To order gloves for pick up at the 2014 Nationals (June 29 to July 13) from Maître D’Armes JP Fournier’s source, send an email or private message via Facebook to Janine Waddell Hodder.

2 – Gloves can also be ordered from Rogue Steel. (Canadians, remember that you may have to pay duty and GST).