Preparing Your Mental Foundation: an empty cup

Your mental preparation is just as key as the physical.

Be present.

Come with “an empty cup”.

Approach every day as if it is your first lesson: Knowing nothing and ready to receive all information. Try everything, “relentlessly and without hesitation”.  It’s learning every day, even when it’s fun. Retention can be prepped.

Start now by reading a play every day or so (looking for scenes), or look at a little bit of the history of martial arts. What period are the weapons from, what were people like then? Take a moment every day to gather bits of information to help you enrich your experience… and build the habit of filling and re-filling your empty cup.

Thanks to Emma Claire Brightlyn for her inspiration for today’s post.

And thanks to Melody Sheep for creating this video of Bruce Lee’s wise words to us all: