What to do in rehearsal period?

  • Practice what you learned today. Do all of the exercises you can remember. Ask your classmates to run partner drills with you. Do solo drills and ask a classmate or an instructor-type (instructor, assistant, journeyperson) to be an outside eye and catch little mistakes. Failing that, use a mirror and your “internal eye” for self-analysis
  • Review glossary terms you covered today.
  • Socialize with classmates and start thinking about who you want to do your scenes with.
  • Start working the text of your scenes, or look for text if you have yet to select them.
  • Play with your weapons. Manipulate them using in-class drills and move around with them in every way possible. Walk around the room and point at things. It is your arm, it is a long hand, it is your antenna. Your brain will map it as part if your body when you spend enough time with it. For unarmed and Unarmed Eastern Martial Arts, point at things with your toes, knees, elbows, forehead. Help your brain learn how to use its tools.

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