Advanced Actor-Combatant Certification

Complete your FDC Actor Combatant certification or brushup to keep your certification current!

  • Found and Environmental Weapons
  • Advanced Smallsword
  • Broadsword and Companion
  • Rapier and Companion
  • Armed Eastern Martial Arts

Burning Mountain’s pedagogy includes world class safety standards, and a strong emphasis on partnership and scene work: honest relationships with your partners and moment-to-moment objectives, obstacles and tactics–without compromising internationally-recognized foundation concepts. In addition, you’ll gain a Western Martial Arts perspective (how were these weapons really used for self-defense), as well as basic knowledge of biomechanics, in order to prevent injury and increase the longevity of your stage combat career!

Hang on, I already have my Advanced! Why should I attend another workshop?

It’s important to upgrade your skills, especially with the quick rate of evolution in today’s Stage Combat world. Also, in your quest to become a truly skilled stage fighter, it’s essential to train with as many people as you can so that you will have a well-rounded skill base. The instructors of this course–having trained with each of Canada’s Fight Masters and numerous fight professionals from around the world, both stage and real combat–are keen to pass knowledge on to you.

So, does that mean I can choose not to take the test if I’m already certified?

Correct! You can take this course to brush-up or expand your skill set. However, you may want to consider it an opportunity to delve into more fight-scene work with a new commu nity of colleagues.

Instructor: Robert Montcalm (bio coming soon)