I’m in the process of refocussing and revitalizing my blog. If you’ve been following my travels for many years, you’ll notice that my numerous travels and training adventures are now on this one blog at! Bear with me as I re-categorize everything, as well as revamping my home studio in order to make better training videos!   […]

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This video is making the rounds. I’m currently dabbling in penmanship, so I eagerly gave it a watch, and then at 2:07 I was struck by what Master Penman Jake Weidmann says about what it took to get to his high level of skill and artistry: I seems to me that Mastery in any field […]

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100 no-equipment workouts

Oftentimes, our obstacles to working out regularly include the following: we don’t know what to do we don’t have access to a gym or classes we don’t want to or are unable to purchase exercise equipment we think we don’t have the space to work out at home. Here’s a solution! 100 no-equipment workouts! Here’s a […]

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Soapbox: Retractible Knives

Inspired by a theatre company’s request for retractible knife recommendation: In fight direction circles for stage, retractible knives are generally considered extremely dangerous and unnecessary. It’s one of those things, like contact slaps, that most people don’t see how it could go wrong until it does. I know of a production of Julius Caesar, wherein the […]

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Our mentors

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. -Isaac Newton (and others) Judging by the people that are referenced in the blog, you’d think that Burning Mountain had studied with very few people. However, please know that we have learned from dozens of people, some for years, others for a […]

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The Two-Week Workshop: or, Tech Week x2

Some people have never done an intensive certification workshop before, so here’s a head’s up. A two-week intensive is like Tech Week in a theatre, except two consecutive weeks of it. As such, it is an excellent “proving ground” for the professional working world. If you can survive these two weeks, you can survive just about anything that […]

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