Move As Fast As You Can Think

Run the choreography at a speed at which you can easily remember what comes next. Do all of the actions and any acting beats — pauses in movement, but not pauses in intention — in the right order without stopping. Usually, this is a much slower speed than our egos want us to move at! However, when […]

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Movement As Dialogue

As promised, we’re looking at methods and exercises for rehearsing a fight scene! Today, we begin with a foundation concept when approaching your fight choreography which lays the groundwork for the upcoming series. In many cases, actors remember the sequence of the choreography and think that they’ve finished with rehearsing their scene. However, think of the […]

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Trust yourself

I had a post ready-to-go on working the scene with focus on how to discover a rich variety in each and every moment, while deepening your character work and strengthening your connection to your partner. Important work. And then I thought about it again, and decided that, today, this is more important to say: Trust […]

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