review: Line Learner (app)

There’s several apps out there for helping you to learn your lines, but Line Learner is my favourite. It’s $4.59 and incredibly good value. Even the free version, Line Learner Lite, is extremely useful and will give you a sense of how the paid app works. In the Record tab, you read through the whole script, tapping Record Me to record […]

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Stuff You Need: swords and more

Missing the fightlife? Committed to furthering your training in stage combat? You may want to invest in a sword so that you can do some solo work at home (if you get a companion to it, you might just interest someone nearby, too!). It’s one way you can keep your skills up, even when you […]

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Self-Care: a bit of “pampering”

There’s a few luxury items in my self-care regimen. If I can, I get a massage. Whenever possible, I go to a sauna/steam room. In Toronto, I like Body Blitz Spa and Hammam Spa. If I’m somewhere without those kinds of places, a hot yoga class is the next best thing. In just about every housing arrangement, […]

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Stuff You Need: Footwear

Let’s take a quick break from workouts and technique, and talk equipment (just in case you need to order something before the start of the workshop). After gloves, one if the most important pieces of personal equipment is footwear. For training situations, simply wear something that offers a good grip on the floor, generally sneakers. […]

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Stuff You Need: Scenes

Along the lines of mental preparation, let’s chat about fight scenes. (Skip to the bottom if you’re in a situation where you don’t need text.) For FDC certifications (and many other societies) you may choose your own scenes for your test fight, but some teachers will provide text for you. Just in case, it’s a good […]

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Stuff You Need: Gloves

This is part of a category of Performer Support. When beginning and developing your career as an actor/combatant there’s a few items and bits of information that can help you get on you way. So, without further ado, here’s some information on gloves. At first, all you need is something to help you grip the […]

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