Look at this kid’s structure! In a way, it’s not surprising. We keep talking about “look how kids move”, so if she’s been using martial structure from the time she was beginning to move, no wonder she’s on it! Toddler Form & FocusNow THIS is form, focus, and discipline. Impressive! Posted by Tee Major Fitness on […]

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Bring it!

One of our tasks as actors, arguably the prime task, is to commit. “What am I fighting for?” is a more passionate re-phrasing of “What’s my intention?”. The purpose of the re-wording is to remind the performer that it’s not enough to know what you need. You must commit to the pursuit of that need. A lack […]

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Importance of Cool Down

After an intensive day of filming last weekend, I was reminded of the importance of cooling down. When I got home after fighting on set for several hours, I took a hot bath with Epsom Salts and then did various self-care activities for almost two hours. These activities included stretching, massage to work out muscle knots, hydrating and […]

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Beginning the #FightLife!

FDC’s National Workshop begins tomorrow! How are you feeling on your way into the workshop? I hope you’re brimming with excitement, and are ready to adapt to any and all curveballs. I know I’m excited and I totally wish I could be there with you! Remember to find the enjoyment in the experience and approach […]

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Approach to learning

Always come from a place of curiosity. Yes, we want to get every detail down correctly. But it’s too tempting to be hard on ourselves, particularly in the intensity of a rehearsal or workshop situation. Too often we think, “I should be able to get this”, and become our own worst critics. Instead, by being […]

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