I’m in the process of refocussing and revitalizing my blog. If you’ve been following my travels for many years, you’ll notice that my numerous travels and training adventures are now on this one blog at! Bear with me as I re-categorize everything, as well as revamping my home studio in order to make better training videos!   […]

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This video is making the rounds. I’m currently dabbling in penmanship, so I eagerly gave it a watch, and then at 2:07 I was struck by what Master Penman Jake Weidmann says about what it took to get to his high level of skill and artistry: I seems to me that Mastery in any field […]

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Don’t mistake Tension for Intention

I’ve been reading a fantastic book called Physical Expression and the Performing Artist. It explores peoples’ misconceptions about how their bodies work, and how many of us subconsciously add tension in order to make our bodies move the way we think they should. All this tension makes for less expressive work because the performer is trying to […]

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For FDC’s National Workshop, 2014. It’s test day. Remember: It’s all about the story. It’s tempting to get caught up in performing the technique perfectly, and yes, perfect technique is lovely to watch. But in the end, if you don’t know why you’re there, what your desired outcome is, how you feel about the actual […]

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Dying ain’t dead

“…Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Dylan Thomas   All too often, test fights end with a “light switch” kill, meaning that the character gets stabbed and one breath later, they expire (many fight scenes in shows end this way, too, unless otherwise scripted). There’s […]

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The Real Gladiatores The videos on this channel are great for actor/combatants to watch to see how each action can succeed and then can be countered. Note the precision of the bladework, and their use time, as opposed to speed.  Watch also how they maintain their structure, no matter what position and what levels they are […]

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