Intermediate AC Certification

Intermediate Actor Combatant, February 25 to May 11
The FDC intermediate actor-combatant certification course consists of Smallsword, Longsword (Broadsword), Rapier and Dagger, and Unarmed Eastern Martial Arts. As with all FDC courses, you need 20 hours with an instructor for each discipline. In this case, that means 80 hours. More often than not, students — wisely! — chose to spend time outside of class digesting the foundation skills, and rehearsing scenes with their partners.

The intermediate level certification also places more focus on acting technique than the basic level does, emphasizing character choices and tactics that are expressed throughout the fight scene.


Question: I’m interested, but I don’t want to certify.

Answer:¬†We’d love to have you join us for the stage combat training and scenework! You are welcome to attend the whole course and opt-out of the final testing. Also, your rate will be a little lower as you won’t be contributing to the adjudicator’s fee.

Question: I’m interested, but not in an Intermediate course.

Answer: That’s great! Fill out the contact form, and Siobhan will be in touch with more information. She teaches private lessons (certification, or non-certification), workshops of various levels, and can direct you to other upcoming events.

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