Instinctive Archery

The arrow knows the way




Instinctive archery relies on the skill of the archer. It’s easier than it sounds! Once you begin to feel the correct body structure of good targeting, you’ll be surprised with how consistent and accurate you are.

Using traditional bows with no sights, trigger releases or counter weights, students will learn the art of instinctive shooting.

Topics covered include the following:

  • stance
  • proper grip
  • draw
  • release
  • focus
  • self-assessment

Most people need only two 1-hour lessons before they are ready to practice on their own.

A wide variety of bows are available, from the English and North American style longbows, recurves and horse bows. Bows and arrows, arm guards and gloves — both left- and right-handed — can be provided. Please contact us for more information.