Guest Instructor: Bob Charron


Bob has spent twenty years participating in Historical Reenactment of the Medieval and Renaissance eras.  He has taught classes on topics ranging from Roman Military Manuals to government and law in Frankish Palestine.

Always seeking after primary source material in the instruction of arms, he acquired a copy of the Getty-Ludwig manuscript of the Fior di Bataglia, (circa 1409).  He continues to translate and interpret this huge masterwork as his avocation, and has widened his study to other Medieval and Renaissance masters, including Giocomo DiGrassi, Antonio Viggiani and George Silver.  His goal is to represent the material as originally intended: a martially sound and effective means of self-defense.

He teaches weekly classes and private lessons in Stoughton, Wisconsin as the primary instructor of St. Martins Academy.  He has traveled the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe teaching seminars and has provided physical instruction to European and Asian Martial Arts Schools, Reenactment Groups, Academic Institutions and Theatre Combat Organizations.  He has presented multiple papers and demonstrations for St. Louis University and the annual Kalamazoo Medieval Conference.

In addition to instruction in historical martial concepts, Mr. Charron also teaches classes in the culture the manuscript was created in, including memory systems, the trivium and quadrivium, and Medieval and Renaissance cosmology.

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