Guest Instructor: Steve Huff

stevehuff.headshotFounder and Head Instructor of Tactical Defensive Concepts, Steven Huff has over 30 years  of experience in martial arts studies training with some of the top instructors in both armed and unarmed combat in the world. Steve has taken his training and his practical experience working in security in the private sector and developed a system for real world combative situations – Tactical Defensive Concepts, or TDC.  This system utilizes a concept based approach to maximize efficiency in real life combative situations.  Steve has taught this system to civilians as well as military, law enforcement and security personnel.  The focus of TDC is to develop real-time responses to threats in realistic, modern day situations utilizing not only unarmed techniques but also knife, stick and found weapons.  More advanced sections of TDC also focus on firearms and multiple-opponent situations.

Steven Huff is the founder and director of the Historical Martial Study Society, a WMA practice group focusing primarily on the 17th through the 19th centuries with a strong emphasis towards the fighting arts of early America.

The Historical Martial Study Society (HMSS) is an affiliate of Dwight McLemore’s School of Two Swords, and Steve holds not only a full Instructor Certification through Dwight but an official School of Two Swords charter as well. The HMSS is recognized by Pete Kautz as an American Heritage Fighting Arts Association study group, and has close ties to Larry Tom’s Mid Atlantic Society for Historical Swordsmanship (MASHS). The HMSS is also affiliated with the Historical Maritime Combat Association, founded and directed by Gareth Thomas, and Steve holds an Instructor rank in that organization as well.
Aside from his many years practicing WMA, Steve has conducted seminars and lectures for several reenactment and historical groups, local area colleges and high schools, as well as seminars for WMA groups throughout the US and overseas. Steve has also worked as an Assistant Director for Camp Flintlock, an 18th century style residential summer camp for children, which has given him the opportunity to not only introduce WMA (primarily tomahawk throwing and basic fencing) to a new group of younger students, but also to “live” an 18th century lifestyle in period conditions. He is also currently working with John Lennox of Art of Combat, inc. and Gareth Thomas (both HMSS Instructors) on weapons techniques from the late 18th through mid-19th centuries.
In addition to his WMA practices, Steve holds several certifications in Eastern martial arts in both unarmed and weapons styles, and holds an Expert Level Instructor ranking in knife combat in the Scientific Fighting Congress. He has a Bachelor’s degree in History (with a focus on the Colonial era) from St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

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