Policy for Cancelled, Missed and Late Lessons

When you book a lesson with us, that time is reserved specifically for you. Think of it as having purchased the agreed-upon time slot.


Late lessons

If you are late for your lesson, you will receive instruction during the remaining time allocated. The teacher is not obliged to extend the end of the lesson in order to give the full booked lesson time. Fee for the full lesson is still owed and must be received by the end of the lesson. At their own discretion, the instructor may choose to give the full lesson duration, should the studio be available.


Cancelled lessons, 24 hours’ notice or more

With 24 hours’ advance notice or more, make-up lessons will be given at no additional charge, providing that a mutually convenient time can be arranged between teacher and student.


Missed lessons, and lessons cancelled with 24 or fewer hours notice

 If no notice or less than 24 hours’ advance notice is given, that lesson is considered missed, and the full fee is owed, despite no instruction being given. That time has been booked for you and others may have been refused a lesson because you have booked.

In rare cases — such as medical emergencies, auditions or filming dates — the instructor may agree to arrange a make-up lesson. This is done solely at their discretion.


Make-up lessons policy

All make-ups are to be completed within two weeks, after which time there is no continuing obligation on the part of the instructor. The original lesson is considered to have been given if the student misses the scheduled make-up lesson for any reason.