Location and Dates

Classes location is to be confirmed, but will be within the downtown Toronto area.

Classes are weekdays. 5 hours per class, 2 days per week.

February 25 to May 11*

Performance/Examination date to be confirmed according to students’ schedules. However, it is currently planned for the week of May 5 to 11.

Students are advised to practice and rehearse outside of class times, and are encouraged to make use of drop-ins and the Fringe Toronto Creation Lab $6/hour last minute rates. http://fringetoronto.com/c-lab/book/

Limited amount of free studio time is available with Burning Mountain.

*If you miss any classes, you will need to schedule a make up session. If you know about these already, great! We can schedule your make up session well in advance.
*Also, one of our guiding principles is flexibility. If these dates or times aren’t quite right for you, we can negotiate an alternative for you. The only unchangeable dates are the performance/examination dates.

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