Henry VI, part 2, act 5, scene 2

Act 5, Scene 2
Clifford vs York

What seest thou in me, York? why dost thou pause?

With thy brave bearing should I be in love,
But that thou art so fast mine enemy.

Nor should thy prowess want praise and esteem,
But that ’tis shown ignobly and in treason.

So let it help me now against thy sword
As I in justice and true right express it.

My soul and body on the action both!

A dreadful lay! Address thee instantly.
They fight, and CLIFFORD falls

La fin couronne les oeuvres.*


Thus war hath given thee peace, for thou art still.
Peace with his soul, heaven, if it be thy will!


*Appears on the Yerger (Yarker, Yorker, Yearker, Yerker and others) family crest.
This is the end of everything.
The end crowns the works.
The end praises the work. For the ende crowneth.
The end doth crowne the worke.
“The end crowns all; And that old common arbitrator, Time, Will one day end it.” [1602 Shakespeare Troilus & Cressida iv. v. 223]
“As the end crowns the work, it also forms the rule by which it must be ultimately judged.” [1820 Scott Abbot I. xiii.]
“Proof, sir, proof, must be built up stone by stone.‥As I say, the end crowns the work.” [1870 Dickens Edwin Drood xviii.]
“That the end should crown the work, that I had given no more lies than I had been told made no difference. You either played it straight or you didn’t.” [1961 J. Webb One for my Dame iii.]

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