Siobhan Richardson


Siobhan Richardson is an internationally recognized Stage Combat Instructor, and certified by Fight Directors Canada. She has taught in Canada, the USA, Europe and at international events, such as The Paddy Crean International Art of the Sword Workshop, and featured at CombatCon in Las Vegas. This past winter she completed a teaching tour of 7 European cities.

She received a Chalmers Arts Fellowship in 2009, during which she studied with some of the world’s foremost fight directors: Jonathan Howell (England), Brad Waller (USA), and Peppe Östensson (Sweden).

Siobhan also works as an actor and fight director. Recent acting projects include Intent City (Eventual Ashes), The Duellist (Demanding Satisfaction), short film Sofia’s Doll, and and an episode of Curious and Unusual Deaths. Recent fight direction credits include White Biting Dog (Soulpepper), The Hobbit (The Grand Theatre, London), and Such Creatures (Nightwood Theatre).

Please visit for more information on her work as an actress, singer, dancer, and performer.