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I’m in the process of refocussing and revitalizing my blog. If you’ve been following my travels for many years, you’ll notice that my numerous travels and training adventures are now on this one blog at! Bear with me as I re-categorize everything, as well as revamping my home studio in order to make better training videos!   […]

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Look at this kid’s structure! In a way, it’s not surprising. We keep talking about “look how kids move”, so if she’s been using martial structure from the time she was beginning to move, no wonder she’s on it! Toddler Form & FocusNow THIS is form, focus, and discipline. Impressive! Posted by Tee Major Fitness on […]

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Move As Fast As You Can Think

Run the choreography at a speed at which you can easily remember what comes next. Do all of the actions and any acting beats — pauses in movement, but not pauses in intention — in the right order without stopping. Usually, this is a much slower speed than our egos want us to move at! However, when […]

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This video is making the rounds. I’m currently dabbling in penmanship, so I eagerly gave it a watch, and then at 2:07 I was struck by what Master Penman Jake Weidmann says about what it took to get to his high level of skill and artistry: I seems to me that Mastery in any field […]

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Recording Your Choreography: Write Away!

Taking notes on the details of your choreography is essential. You don’t often have the fight director there every day to make corrections and adjustments every rehearsal (you run your fights every day, right?). You’ll have a fight captain or some manner of outside eye, but without the specifics you’ll end up using valuable time during your […]

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Movement As Dialogue

As promised, we’re looking at methods and exercises for rehearsing a fight scene! Today, we begin with a foundation concept when approaching your fight choreography which lays the groundwork for the upcoming series. In many cases, actors remember the sequence of the choreography and think that they’ve finished with rehearsing their scene. However, think of the […]

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