Recording Your Choreography: Write Away!

Taking notes on the details of your choreography is essential. You don’t often have the fight director there every day to make corrections and adjustments every rehearsal (you run your fights every day, right?). You’ll have a fight captain or some manner of outside eye, but without the specifics you’ll end up using valuable time during your […]

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Don’t mistake Tension for Intention

I’ve been reading a fantastic book called Physical Expression and the Performing Artist. It explores peoples’ misconceptions about how their bodies work, and how many of us subconsciously add tension in order to make our bodies move the way we think they should. All this tension makes for less expressive work because the performer is trying to […]

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Style Guide: Karate

Karate is again an umbrella term, this time for many of the martial arts of Japan. It’s considered a hard style, though there are some varieties which have exceptions to this. As a generalization, Karate uses a balance of hand strikes and kicks, and tends to remain in deep stances — but not so low […]

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Style Guide: Kung-Fu

Kung-fu translates to “any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete” (Wikipedia), but in the West it tends to be an umbrella term for all Chinese Martial Arts. Writing a style guide for all of Kung-fu is a bit misleading as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different styles and variations. Every […]

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Style Guide: Judo

Judo is known for throws and take-downs. Through a mechanical lens, check out the aggressor uses incoming energy — whether provided by the victim or whether caused by the aggressor — to initiate the action; look at how the aggressor uses leverage, balance points and force to topple their opponent. In the video below, look for those subtle difference […]

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Posting Video Of Your Test Fights

Congratulations! You’ve spent hours and hours on your test fights, and you should be proud of all the work you’ve done! At this point, many people want to post the video of their exam, but I caution against it. Posting the video from your test fight is like posting the archival video from a show, […]

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For FDC’s National Workshop, 2014. It’s test day. Remember: It’s all about the story. It’s tempting to get caught up in performing the technique perfectly, and yes, perfect technique is lovely to watch. But in the end, if you don’t know why you’re there, what your desired outcome is, how you feel about the actual […]

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