Fight Direction and Design

“[I have] had the pleasure of working in a great variety of venues, from The Stratford Festival and The Shaw Festival to dance floors in nightclubs … if I had the opportunity to hire and fight director in Canada, I would bypass some of the better known fight directors and choose Matt Richardson … I have never know a fight director who considers the strengths and weaknesses of each individual actor as carefully as Matt does; and more conspicuously, I’ve never known a fight director who understands the strengths and weaknesses of each individual character as well as Matt does.” — Richard Beaune, Theatre Director

“As a fight director, I find [Siobhan’s] focus on training and safety has really calmed the actors she’s working with. Siobhan tailors the fight choreography to actors’ abilities, and she works well with their personalities … I have always been impressed with how well her choreography reflects the style of the piece and it is always compelling to watch.”  — Andrew Lamb, Theatre Director

“Their fight choreographies are refreshing to see, as they are the product of their passionate enthusiasm and efforts to produce work of the highest authentic and artistic quality.”  — Maestro Ramon Martinez, Master of Arms, Martinez Academy of Arms

“…they choreographed individual fight scenes that highlighted each [actor’s] strengths. These scenes were used in our produciton of Cyrano. Without their expertise, our show would never have been the success that it was.” — Timothy Shane Veenstra, Professional Actor, Director of Theatre Arts: King’s Christian Collegiate

Stage Combat Instruction

“Although the primary focus is safety,  Siobhan and Matt’s energetic hands-on teaching style makes these workshops very exciting for students. That they are a male-female team is also a real bonus at our school.” — Tamsin Kelsey, Teacher, Drama Department, Rosedale Heights School of the Arts

“[Siobhan’s] abilities at both teaching and executing onstage violence consistently helped set a standard for excellence within the training environment … She holds the rare and wonderful ability to simultaneously support and challenge the participants in her sessions. Exemplifying her skills as an instructor, Siobhan has a keen eye for attending to individual problems, and consistently addresses them in a manner that is clear, direct, productive and which demonstrates her strong ability to meet individual needs while not losing sight of the overall goals of the group.” — Kurt Gerard Heinlein, Professional Actor, Independent Stunt Contractor, Vice President: Association of Theatre Movement Educators

“Matt and Siobhan are wonderful role models … The learning opportunities they’ve provided our young participants give them not only a wonderful jump on a future in the performing arts, but they also load these participants with skills that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend their educational programs.” — Deanne Bingleman (BA), Artistic Director/Choreographer, actOUT (KW Children’s Drama Workshop)

“I would like to begin by saying thank you for taking the time to work with us that day! Along with the two day workshop I took a part in, it was truly a pleasure to see how fun stage fighting can be, as well as how amazing instructors and actors you guys are. …And once more, thank you so much for the help you gave us in putting on our school play. It was greatly appreciated :)”Enrique Olivo, student at Neil MacNeil High School