Why “Burning Mountain”?

Our name and logo are inspired by the Grant Clan badge (Matt is connected to the Grants) which features 3 beacons lit on a mountain, Craig Elachie, which is the rallying place at which signal fires were lit to call the clan to battle.

We use this image of a Fiery Beacon to call together artists of all disciplines who are passionate about creation, collaboration, discovery and growth as it relates to stage combat. We have developed our company identity with a nod to the clan badge as a reminder that we come from a long heritage, and we owe a debt of gratitude to our mentors, to their mentors, and to all others with whom we have come in contact.

Burning calls to mind our burning passions for the work, and the fires of creativity.

Mountain reminds us to strive for the summits above us, and to celebrate the heights we have already climbed together.

In addition, there are the literal images of swordplay and archery.

And finally, the shape of the mountain resembles a heart monitor, which reminds us that stage combat is grounded in the human heart, in the engagement and expression of storytelling.